A Female Hippo Rescues A Wildebeest Calf!

There has been some rain in the catchment area of the Mara River, and the wildebeest crossings are even more dramatic.

Guests staying at the luxury Sanctuary Olonana recently saw an unforgettable incident, where a mother wildebeest managed to cross, leaving her calf in the strong current struggling to swim across. Nearby a female hippo was watching the struggle, and to the guests relief, came to the calf’s rescue, pushing it towards the river bank, assisting the young calf to swim across to its mother. The young gnu panted a bit, got up and ran to its mother, who was watching the whole drama unfolding!

Sanctuary Olonana is an award-winning tented camp on a private stretch of the Mara River, at the foot of the impressive Siria Escarpment close to where the famous last scene from “Out of Africa” was filmed. Located close to the border with Tanzania, the game concentration is high – and during the annual wildebeest migration, the action happens right on the camp’s doorstep.  The Mara is a fabulous place forseeing big cats as well as all of thebig five, a variety of plains gameand over 300 bird species.

Sanctuary Retreats Family Safari Special offer is available upon request. With this exclusive offer, any child under 16 years who shares a tent with his or her parents will stay for free!