In line with the rebranding process taking place throughout Wilderness and in order to further enhance the close relationships between the various arms of the conservation and tourism organisation, Sefofane Air Charters has changed its name to Wilderness Air. The name signifies a logical and strategic move of the 20-year-old air charter company to strengthen its position as a proud member of the extended Wilderness family, while still providing the same excellent service to guests. 

The charter company has been working around the clock to ensure that the new branding is on all aircraft and uniforms. While the name has changed, Wilderness Air is still flying to same remote areas, with the same superb safety record, all with the aim of connecting guests to the wilderness.


Air Botswana

There have been occasions where Air Botswana has left luggage behind in Maun and luggage has thus not accompanied the guests on their flight. The aircraft type being used on the Maun/Johannesburg route and the high temperatures that are experienced at this time of year do not allow sufficient capacity for the weight of both passengers and luggage. The luggage left behind in Maun is sent on a later flight which may cause delays of up to a couple of days. We recommend that essentials such as basic toiletries, change of underwear/clothing and medication are packed in guests’ hand luggage.

Wilderness Safaris Flying Policy

Please find below the updated weight and dimensions policy for Wilderness Safaris charter flights. It is critical that these parameters are adhered to by everyone due to safety requirements. The Co will have no flexibility within the luggage policy and will be strictly implementing this as detailed below:

. 20kgs (44lbs) luggage per person in a soft bag (i.e. no wheels/frame/rigid structures), inclusive of hand luggage and camera equipment for all regions except Malawi where the luggage weight restriction is only 12kgs (26lbs). If a guest requires additional space for additional baggage, an additional seat must be purchased per sector.

. Dimensions are 25cm (10 inches) wide x 30cm (12 inches) high and 62cm (24 inches) long in SOFT BAGS ONLY – no wheels/frame/rigid structures.

. Private / Sole Use Charter weight allowances may vary and are dependant on distances travelled and guests travelling. This will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

. A collapsible wheeled luggage frame/trolley (separate to the bag) is allowed, as long as basic dimensions are similar to that of the bag.

. 100kgs (220lbs) personal body weight, per person. For passengers exceeding weight restriction, an additional seat must be purchased per sector.

The main priority is safety and aviation regulations  (WS has strict measures in place to ensure weight allowances are not exceeded) and practicality– the physical limitations of the aircraft they use…the size and type, including the size of the luggage pod and seats.

Non adherence to these policies will cause inconvenience and delays to guests which we need to avoid.