Kalahari Plains Camp – Response to Continued Allegations of Wilderness Safaris’ involvement in Botswana’s Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) by controversial NGO Survival International.
In response to press releases and postings in the social media space containing allegations regarding Wilderness Safaris presence in the northern Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Wilderness Safaris has prepared a briefing that addresses the concerns and allegations made. To view this briefing, please refer to the press release posted on the website here.
This is what Wildreness Safaris has to say about these allegations: “There is nothing untoward about our involvement at Kalahari Plains. Survival International seeks only to apply pressure on the tourism industry in order to exert pressure on the Botswana Government. The involvement of this organization has ironically been the single biggest obstacle to progress in the CKGR.”
Images of this newly built Kalahari Plains Camp in Central Kalahari Game Reserve:

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