Let’s talk breakfast!

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I have never paid much attention to breakfast as anything more than just a ‘hustle’ to an extent that I have decided to skip breakfast altogether. I hardly ever have time to sit down and have a decent breakfast in the morning before I go to work. I’m always in a rush that I am less inclined to spend the time on a good breakfast. Well, a glass of juice or milk and a fruit does the magic for me. Yes, I know it’s not healthy, bla, blah, blah…but I am now so used to this that it has become the norm. For me, proper breakfast is only possible over weekends when I am more relaxed, and don’t have to worry about our ‘crazy’ roads and all the madness around. Someone will agree with me here.

Breakfast means a lot of things to each and every individual. It can mean any of the following:

• A bowl of motogo (porridge) or your favourite cereal.

• Bread with peanut butter, jam, the choice of spreads is yours.

• Bacon & eggs, or to others, simply English breakfast.

• Make a stop at a nearby tuck shop and get yourself a really fat ‘fat cake’ with some fried chips or serobe (minced tripe).

• Hot dog / pizza / pie / burger.

 …The list is endless…

Well, I am not a typical foodie but this doesn’t necessarily mean that I can’t treat myself to something scrumptious once in a while. Here is a list of my favourite stops around town for a good breakfast, all cool places to hang out with friends or by yourself.:

News Café : Situated at the Peermont Mondior Hotel complex, blends the temptation of their original menu with the latest culinary trends. Offers an indoor lounge/bar area decorated in a modern North American style. The outdoor seating area is also quite nice.

Wimpy : For a yummy breakfast: bacon, eggs, toast, etc. plus a choice of your favourite hot beverage.

Chicken Licken : This is an ideal place for a fast, no hustle take away. This is a very popular place and anytime you go, you will find long queues. Their hot wings are del-icious, or try some of their wraps or burgers. Prices are very reasonable too. I know most people believe that breakfast  is not complete without a cup of hot steaming coffee, more so, looking at the fact that this outlet does not serve tea/coffee. For a take away outlet this should not pose as a problem.

Primi Piatti : Located conveniently at RiverWalk Mall, so can be ideal for a business breakfast outing. Portions are large so you might be able to take a ‘doggy bag’.  The breakfast is amazing.