New brand for Botswana

Finally, the long awaited new brand for Botswana has been unveiled. This happens after the ‘plea’ that the nation’s brand be re-evaluated after mixed feelings from the public that the strap line was too long convoluted, tongue twisting and not representative of Batswana and their aspirations. The brand had the tagline “opportunity and tranquility beckon”.

the new botswana brand

the new botswana brand

Speaking at the official launch ceremony of the new brand, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dorcas Makgato-Malesu, said, “Botswana has a lot to offer the world and needed to be branded and have a consistent message about who we are, what we stand for, what our offer to the world is and how we add value to the global community.” She said the underlying principle for developing the national brand was “to create a visual representation of who we are”.

As a state, the brand is therefore about capturing the essence of Batswana and Botswana and repositioning the country locally and globally. The new brand has three key Botswana values, which are tranquility, home grown, and work well. It tells about the experience of living, studying, working, visiting or doing business in the country.

 – The sun symbolizes a source of energy, progress, growth, new dawn and beginning.

– The green colour represents tourism, growth and the lush environment found in some parts of the country.

– Brown earth colours represent much of the semi arid Botswana landscapes.

– The black colour is represented in the national flag and, when placed next to the white colour, represents racial harmony.

– The blue colour is prominent on the national flag and represents rain and prosperity for all.

-The blue, black and white pattern represents Botswana’s national pride, the Zebra, which is also on the court of arms.

– The colour yellow represents the sun and is one of the main elements of the logo, representing optimism and positivity.